Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cube 3D Movie

Cube 3D MovieSounds like Lionsgate wants to continue the Cube franchise. The web is abuzz with word that Lionsgate is looking for a director for Cube 3D. This would be the fourth film of the franchise, were previously released: Cube, Cube 2 Hypercube (a sequel to Cube, it was bigger and more complicated), and Cube Zero (a not so great prequel).

For those who haven't seen Cube, it's about a group of strangers who are dropped in a giant structure that's divided into an unknown number of cube-shaped rooms. Most of those rooms are lethally booby-trapped... The strangers have to identify the safe rooms if they want to get out. Here's the movie trailer of the first Cube movie:

The first Cube movie, directed by Vincenzo Natali (who recently brought us Splice), was awesome because it was a brand new concept. Not sure we really need one more Cube movie, and I doubt 3D will be a game changer for the franchise. But well I guess it would still be entertaining.

Anyway, more information about the movie Cube 3D soon!